November Downloads Have Landed!

October 30, 2017

November Downloads Have Landed!

November is a cool, quiet month. It’s as if nature is taking a breath, pausing to gather herself after the passion of summer, and before the icy howl of winter.

Still, the world beautiful. 

The sky is a pale sharp blue and a cool sun seems to put out less light, a watery thin yellow that peeks over the hills, brushing the trunks of bare trees. It ruffles along the edges of bark and the ghostly skeletons of plants, creating patterns and edges and whorls. The leaves that remain are pooled on the ground, golden brown, seeming to catch the pale sun and concentrate it, as if they could capture the past energy that created all their bursting growth, just short months ago. 

November’s downloads celebrate this peaceful interval of calm color and cool temperatures.


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